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Tips for Starting Your Week Off Right

Tips for Starting Your Week Off Right

Author: SNI Companies/Tuesday, October 05, 2021/Categories: Blog, SNI Companies, SNI Financial, Industry Trends, SNI Certes, Industry Trends, SNI Technology, Accounting Now, Staffing Now

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There are some weeks you start off energized and ready to take on anything that comes your way… and there are others when it feels like the exact opposite. On those Mondays, it can feel like you’re dragging, struggling to tackle your to-do list, and each task can feel like a chore. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Having a bit of an attitude adjustment and doing things slightly different, can make a huge difference. Here are some suggestions to turn around those Monday ‘blahs’.


Figure out the reason

If you struggle every week at work, and it’s not just a temporary feeling, it may be time to rethink your job. Clarify what it is that’s bothering you – is it the work environment, not feeling challenged in your role, or not having a career path at your company? See if there is a way to improve the situation and if there’s not, you may want to move on and find another job.


Plan your day

Part of the reason you may find yourself struggling early in the week is that you’re still in weekend mode and don’t have your work life organized. It can be helpful in the morning to write out both a ‘must-do' list and a ‘to-do’ list. The must-do list is non-negotiables that need to happen that day. For your to-do list, write out several items in order of importance and see how many you can get done in a day, and move the ones that don’t get done that day, onto the next. This can also be a helpful exercise to help you determine how productive your day or week is.


Think about what you’re excited about

While it’s important to be realistic and think about what you need to accomplish, also think about your upcoming day/week and what exciting things you have planned. They don’t need to be work-related, but ideally, you’ll find something you’re looking forward to at work as well. Thinking about the positive and exciting things you have ahead can help shift your mood.


Make someone else happy

See if there is a way to ‘pay it forward’ and make someone else’s day at work. Doing things for others can greatly improve your happiness and sense of purpose in life. It doesn’t need to be anything big. Maybe bring a co-worker their favorite drink in the morning, pay a compliment to someone, or do something nice for a customer. Giving back to your community in some way every day will go a long way in boosting your overall happiness.


Having a morning routine

Starting your day off on the right note can determine the outcome for the day. Think about what your ideal morning would be and if there is anyway to bring some of that to your weekday mornings. Perhaps it’s waking up slowly while having a cup of coffee, followed by a quick workout listening to your favorite music. You may feel you don’t have any spare time in the morning, but even something like listening to a few of your favorite songs on your commute to work can help bring some light and happiness to your day.


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40 comments on article "Tips for Starting Your Week Off Right"

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